• Moon Mystery

    Full Body…Full Moon

    Full Body…Full Moon I am honoring my Full Body this Full Moon. We love Her full body…can’t keep our eyes off of it. She fills up the sky with a brightness that draws us out, into the dark. We turn our heads to Her. Call friends and family to point out Her majesty. We tell stories about Her, that old woman in the sky. I say, “She is my Grandmother…. Our roundness and light run in the family!” And so, this month, as I look into that expanse above With adoration for Her Fullness, I will remember that what I love in Her I should also adore in myself. An…

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  • Creativity Moon,  Creativity Prompt

    Dear Grandmother Moon: Creativity Prompt

    Your light in the sky surprised me tonight.  I have been so focused on what was just in front of me, so focused on what greedily grabs my attention, that I forgot to look up and out.  Yet, even in my self-absorption, you show me how to glow in the darkness of night. Sometimes when I gaze into your face against the velvet cloth of night, I can feel you like the shining light of a thousand loves beckoning me to remember who I am. I recall a night so many years ago when I leaned back, cradled by the Earth, and traced you with my finger tips.  You were…

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