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    Spark Your Creative Self-Care Journey

    Are you ready to Spark Your Creative Self-Care Journey? Well, I have a treat for you. I created a Self-Care Spark Guide that highlights the areas I focused on to ignite self-care in my own life. Now, I am sharing it with you! Over the last several months, like others, I have been soaking in the stress of the world. It didn’t take long for me to realize that living from a place of stress wasn’t much of a way to live.  It was time to turn it around.  So, I decided I would do myself and the world a gift by upping my level of self-care.  The actions I…

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    Surprise Gifts from the Universe + A Freebie from Me

    I have decided to engage a little experiment with the Universe this month.  I am asking it to open up the field of possibility and shower me with gifts, and I am expecting that, just as I might know with strong certainty that a light switch will give me light, the Universe will open up to what I need and desire. My experiment in inspired by E Squared by Pam Grout. It is an easy, enjoyable, fascinating read! Surprise Gifts from the Universe: Everyday a Party! I set up my blog post so that I could easily just slip this portion in at the end of the day, sharing what…

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    Indulging ME

    Just over a year ago when I embarked on the journey of working for myself, I placed one thing at the top of my list of values….self-care.  I wanted my serious business woman self to honor the hard, working dedicated but oh-so-human self.  In the beginning, I worked that into my day like a teenager with a new driver’s license.  I took my time getting up in the morning, lit candles as I was blogging, burned incense while painting, napped if I felt like it, created one-person retreats…..I lived up the self-care. Then I got all filled up, and I began to push myself.  The drive to reach for my…

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    Bridging the Years

    About 15 years ago, a couple of local artists held a New Year’s workshop that used mask making to consider the year that had passed and the one to come.  The link to masks was created by using as their focus the Roman god Janus who is depicted with two faces, one face looks into the past, one to the future.  I loved the concept because I think during these weeks that lead up to the New Year it is human nature to take stock of the year that is closing and begin cultivating the year ahead. That bridging of the two years is exactly what I have done the…

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