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    Angels & Faeries Week: Spirit Doll

    Welcome to Angels and Faeries Week!  I am celebrating the countdown to the grand opening of Angels In My Studio 2013 by sharing some of my favorite winged, spirited, and energetic artwork. Angels In My Studio 2013 is a 5 month online class that goes to that space where art and mystery, creativity and imagination meet.  As part of the art course, each week you will be invited to explore angelic imagery through art and guided meditations. Featuring My Spirit Dolls One of my favorite ways to find inspiration is within my own art.  Often I will do a doodle, sketch, drawing, or painting and some element will jump out at me.…

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    Heart Wisdom

    Hearts are tender…. They open and close like flowers chasing the sun, resting quietly in the shadow. Hearts are strong, resilient, and re-storing. Hearts are vessels which hold love, dispense love, receive love. They quiver gratefully in the presence of grace and resonate with courage when witnessing the need of another which is in any degree greater than our own need. Tonight my heart is all of this….quivering, blooming, courageous, and profoundly tender. For this night’s sleep, I will cradle it in the rocking of my chest as I breathe and marvel at its ability to be all I need it to be. Deep peace…..

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    This Blooming Day

    Dear Creative Spirit….this day is rooting for you. It invites you to mold it, mend it, and make it into the vision you have been holding.  It is a gift.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let go of the big block, so that this day can bloom for you.  

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    One of my favorite art projects recently was one I did for the gals at Paint Mojo Texas.  It was a labor of love for sure.  I made 20 little wire dreamcatchers to give to them during the retreat.  I chose dreamcatchers because I wanted something that reflected the word Mojo.  And dreamcatchers, a few days before Halloween, did just that. I worked on an extra one today that is going out in the mail to a friend who I originally met on the blog I had before Creativity Tribe. She has been an integral part of this dream for me, supporting, encouraging, sharing her wisdom and creativity.  She is one of…

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    Textures {Long Way Home Series}

      I am on the road this weekend, tackling three bucket list items.  First, attend an art retreat.  Second….visit the Texas Hill Country.  Three….study with an artist that inspires me.  In this case, Australian artist Tracy Verdugo.  I promise to tell you all about it! To celebrate this adventure of my gypsy spirit, I have a few pictures for the Long Way Home Series with a focus on textures. I picked texture because Tracy’s art reminds me of the textures I imagine our spirits or souls to have.  Fun, huh? The brick walkway along the water’s edge near the bay a mile from my home has begun to decay from exposure to…

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