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Body Wisdom Project {believe}

new moon

Twice a month I check in here to fill you in on the Body Wisdom Project I am doing with Jessica of Hearth Roots.  Body Wisdom Project represents our desire to have a deeper connection with the body.  We began on the first New Moon of 2013, choosing a word to carry us through the Moonth.

I named that first cycle after the word we chose, Listening Moon.
I posted for the New Moon and Full Moon.

 Body Wisdom Project

 Reflecting on January’s Listening Moon

We chose the word Believe as our focus for 2013’s second Moon cycle.  To be honest, I have no idea where following that word and paying attention to my body will lead. But that is one of the things about this journey that I like.  I want to go on an adventure with this.  Even during the Listening Moon, I started off with a heart intent on some sore of transition but had no idea what would come of it.

It has just been one cycle and already change came with the listening.  It has been an exciting month for me and my body. I feel as if a communication highway is being built.  Some of my thoughts….

  • I don’t want my relationship with my body to be future focused…always wanting something better, fighting what it.
  • My body needs me to love it as it is….in the now. To love its grey hair, wrinkles, roundness, aches, and pains … love the glow of its smile, the rhythmic beating of its heart, the hop and drop of hips while dancing.
  • My body thrives when dance is part of my life… does my soul. In one month, I went from dreaming about dancing to putting action to those dreams.
  • My body craves food and water when I listen to it.  Some of its cravings…. root veggies, sweet potatoes, chocolate, more protein, less carbs.
  • My body has a story that isn’t over. It has been through lots.  It could tell you a story of woundedness, of mistreatment, of rejoicing, of healing, of being.  The story evolves. The story is mine to craft.
  • Listening to my body creates change in my body.

February’s Believing Moon

The Believing Moon cycle is before me.

Where will it lead?
What will I do with the word?
What wisdoms will it share?

 I look forward to the journey.

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