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500th Post Giveaway: WHAT?!


I love milestones, and today is a big one….my 500th post.  I started blogging just over 3 years ago (with  my original blog Art of Collecting Yourself).   It has been my number one passion ever since.  I love it because it blends everything that jazzes me into one big ball of creativity…writing, mixed media art, photography, videos, sharing my life, and connecting with awesome people.


I am especially excited about this milestone because it happens on the heels of another…the one year anniversary of Creativity Tribe.  This sanctuary for the creative spirit has such a big heart for all the creatives that find their way here that I want to celebrate these dual milestones by sharing my own creativity with you.  That’s right!  Giveaway!!!!

I love collaboration and that is what this giveaway is going to be all about.  I am paying forward two acts of kindness that were shared  with me.


A Little Background on the Giveaway

First- This last March, my sweet friend Tracy Verdugo hosted a giveaway on her blog in which she painted three little note cards that was given to her by an online friend.  It was her way of passing on some of the sweetness that came into her life.  So I am going to do three little works in that same spirit.

Tracy Ellie

Here’s Tracy’s little ellie.  Plus an extra sumpin’ sumpin’!

Tracy Earth Mother

Second- I am taking my little notes cards from the amazing collection of ephemera that was shared with me by Chicago based artist Deborah Weber.  A few years ago, Deborah asked if I might like to be the new caretaker of some of the art supplies she was letting go of.  Not long after I said yes, she shipped 75 pounds of art supplies.  It was a feast for my eyes, hands, and soul!  When I won Tracy’s giveaway (which came with a promise to keep the good mojo going) I knew right away Deborah’s lovely offerings would serve as the base.

  Check out Big Bertha Revealed (the big box of supplies!)

Third (a little bonus)-  Additionally, I will be giving away three zines created by my artist husband, Eric Payne.  I know there is a trend to name newsletters a zine, but originally a zine was a booklet created by an individual or small group that often features art and/or writings.  Eric has a growing collection of zines he had created.  This one is my favorite.  I had to beg these hot copies from him because they are in such demand.  He designed them about a year ago, asking friends and fans what theme they would like the zine focus on.  Atlantis was the consensus.  The winners who receive my Pass Along Art Notes will also get a copy of Atlantis.

Atlantis by Eric Payne

Atlantis by Eric Payne


Would you like to receive one of my little Pass Along Art Notes (I can’t wait to dig in and create them for you!) and a copy of Atlantis?

Leave a comment below that includes your name, email, and some way you have or will pass a little kindness along this month.

The Giveaway closes at the end of September.  I’ll choose the three winners from a random number generator and contact each via email (so don’t forget that) and hook them up with these giveaway goodies.

Butterfly joy 550

Creativity yours,

Rachel Payne Life Coach

rachel payne coach

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