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    Body Wisdom Project {believe}

    Twice a month I check in here to fill you in on the Body Wisdom Project I am doing with Jessica of Hearth Roots.  Body Wisdom Project represents our desire to have a deeper connection with the body.  We began on the first New Moon of 2013, choosing a word to carry us through the Moonth. I named that first cycle after the word we chose, Listening Moon. I posted for the New Moon and Full Moon.    Reflecting on January’s Listening Moon We chose the word Believe as our focus for 2013’s second Moon cycle.  To be honest, I have no idea where following that word and paying attention…

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    Body Wisdom Project {Listen}

    A few days ago I picked up an old journal. Inside I found an entry about wanting to pay closer attention to my body and promises that I would practice more self-care. The shift in my relationship with my body from that time to this is quite apparent.  Self-care one of my personal core values.  But, I crave a connection that is even deeper. I crave more peace, less doubt. I crave a level of understanding and interaction that can only come from a practice of listening to the wisdom my body offers. This idea isn’t new to me. Over the last several months, I have been preparing to make…