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Paint Mojo Deja Vu

Art is my Fave

Seems I have been down this road before!

A year ago this weekend, I headed out for the Texas Hill Country for an art retreat with Aussie artist Tracy Verdugo.  The event was beautiful.  I was so moved by her painting style that I have been playing with and tweaking it for the past year.  When I found out she was making her way back to Texas, I jumped at the chance for a reunion.  I am calling it Paint Mojo Deja Vu!

Note: You too can soon have a Paint Mojo experience.  Check out the pre-order option for Tracy’s upcoming book

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Paint Mojo {Making Life a Work of Art}

The event in is Austin….my motherland! (That is where I was born…it is a beautifully weird, artsy town.  My kinda place!)  I will be staying with friends while there.   I am especially excited for a Friday night Halloween party with one of my favorite college buddies.

Then, on the way home, I am spending a few days at a hilltop horse ranch.  Sounds like an extended weekend filled with indulging of my creative spirit!  It is my favorite way to live!

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Self-Care Sabbatical

If you were able to watch the video above, you would see that it is about taking removing, covering up, and destroying the big picture in order to get to something more simple and often more pure.   This is something Paint Mojo has brought to me the first time around.  After watching the video (which was made just after my return from the first retreat), I decided to let it inspire me to simplify my life a bit more…. for just a bit.  So I am going to extend my Paint Mojo retreat into a little Sabbatical that will allow me to go deeper into self-care.

Don’t worry, I am not going away.  I am going to be going into my healing process even further and giving myself some downtime.  It is a gift we all need to give ourselves every once in awhile.  I would love for you to leave me some love in the comments below, and then look for me to return in a few weeks.  I will make sure to bring a few pics of the event to share and whatever insight my time off brings me.  I want to encourage you to take a bit of time off in your life too.  If even an afternoon.  Love yourself…in action  by cultivating inaction!

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