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Body Wisdom + Trance-Formation


Body Wisdom Wednesday is a new series for me.  It invites me into relationship with all my bodies…the physical, spiritual, and emotional.  I invite the bodies to dance with my intuition and creativity, finally capturing something of myself with a small image on a card to add to my growing collection.

I have been cultivating Body Wisdom for decades.  It is amazing what the body knows….what it remembers.  For example, when I was very, very young I had a traumatic event take place.  I never forgot the happening, but I was so young that I didn’t have a sense of exactly where it happened in my hometown.  One day when I was delivering flowers for the florist I designed for, I drove up to the back door of a store.  Finding myself in the alley, I noticed my breathing changed.  I felt vulnerable and my heart raced.  I was having a panic attack, only there was no reason that I could discern that would have triggered it.

I calmed myself, looked at my surroundings with more peaceful eyes and noticed an oleander bush that reminded me of a time long ago.  I called my father and asked him a few questions that helped me confirm that the alley way was part of the traumatic event from decades before.  I would have had no idea, but by body did.  It held the memory.

Now I drive by the alley way all the time.  It doesn’t bother me.  Instead I think of it as a place where I learned of the power of body memories, to honor what the body knows even if the mind thinks otherwise.

Flower Bender E


The woman in this Body Wisdom Card is a version of myself.  She is full grown but in the fetus position.  She holds a flower in her womb and seems to be attached to a blossom.  The image tells the story of  birth, rebirth, and what we birth.  In her hair hides a heart.  Hair can feel energetic to us, give us strength.  It connects us to our Crown Chakra, the energy center in our body that opens us to a higher Divinity.  The womb connects the Chakra Center at the other end of the body, as well, allowing us to connect with Mother Earth. Overall, the painting feels serene and transformative.  We often think of creativity as an active thing, but in this moment, it seems to unfold with tranquility. The woman has gone inward in a kind of trance that appears to be sparking a growth of self.

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