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This Sense-ational Life {Connection}


Creativity Tribe Event….Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!  I have created a special way for us to connect with one another this year….Creativity Tribe Party Line!  It is the perfect way for us to explore what works in life and how to move forward with what wishes for improvement. Calls are free, so click the icon below to sign up for your spot. Isn’t it time me talked?!




This Sense-ational Life {Connection}

About five months ago when I was journaling at one of my favorite local cafe’s, I began thinking about the progress I had made in my life. I thought about some of the difficulties life had given me and some that I created for myself.  I thought about areas of my life that were blooming and just what had brought me to that spot….and I realized with much of the progress I had made that being mindful, being present sat the core of my healing.  As I was writing, I toyed with the thought that the more I got in touch with my senses, the more sense-ational my life became.


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The phrase was clever. I sat with it for a long time, musing over its playfulness and the wisdom it captured. Then I imagined sharing it with YOU.  Sharing This Sense-ational Life….a weekly challenge where we will explore some aspect of life that one might say is sensational. What a great way to connect with ourselves and others.

That’s what I do, you see.  I am sort of a connection junkie. I love a good connective relationship, one that makes me feel alive and that shows me something real about the person in front of me. And if the connection is super conductive, I know it because the person in front of me gets me…you know, really GETS me…and I get them.  That circular witnessing of one another is called reciprocity. It is the gem stone in a relationship for me.

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Connecting often includes others senses. We listen to one another…and hear one another. We intuit meaning.  We share breath and create one moment after another.

I decided to begin This Sense-ational Life series with A Sense of Connection because it holds so much meaning for me personally and because this space is about that.  Connection has many nuances. Sometimes I try to hold a diagram of it in my head. One relationship can have many points of connection within it. The couple (be they lovers, friends, family, strangers, co-workers, or life coach and client) has a certain quality of connection to each other and each person has a connection to themselves.

This Sense-ational Life Touchstone

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Welcome to CT

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