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Creativity Tribe Cats {Shatzie}

Some people have bats in their belfry. I have cats in my studio. They come with me to work everyday. It isn’t a far leap from the house to the studio.  I work out of a sunroom on one side of the house. The cats love the sun and being close to me.  If you spend much time on the Creativity Tribe Facebook page, you might have seen pictures of them there or followed the long line of nick names we have given to one of our new cats.

Well, I thought it was time to officially introduce the feline line of the tribe and share their stories with you. 


First there was Shatzie. When my artist hubby, Eric, and I first moved into our 1949 Cape Cod style cottage, it was the HEAT of Summer in South Texas.  The a/c was broken, and even though we had most of our 21 windows open, there was little breeze to be found. We were inspecting the carpet in the sunroom when we heard a very insistent “MEOW! MEE-YOW!”  We peeked down the hall only to find a very pregnant cat sauntering towards us.

“Hello!” she said. “It is about time someone moved back in. I have been bored, hanging out with the birds in the backyard.  I am very pregnant, bytheway, and will require lots of attention now and even more when my 4 boys arrive.  (Her oldest, Domino, is seen in the first picture in this post sporting the cool specs. ) As long as you are willing to pitch in and treat us well, we will allow you to live here.”

And so, a long relationship between Shatzie (which means Sweetheart in German) and her four boys (none of which are any longer with us, except for Sam who visits every 4 months or so) began.  Shatzie is our cat, but also our best friend. Life without her would be….well, unthinkable.


I will be introducing the twins in the next post of this series. Hope you enjoy the furry ones; we certainly do!


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