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A Sense of imBalance


My life has gotten out of balance….literally.  Last week I somehow twisted my knee.  I woke up one day to tightness, mild swelling, and an unstable joint.  When I wanted to walk, I had to hop and stoop to get around.  I am still all bent up.  The pain isn’t bad.  It just doesn’t really work right.  Needless to say, I am jumping into self-care mode to help get my knee what it needs.

This afternoon I am headed to the chiropractor; tomorrow, a massage.  Even with that though, I think the quirk in my knee must be less about something physical and more about something desiring more balance in my life.

That is why during my meditation this weekend I have explored where the imbalance comes from.  You see, I am learning that imbalance is an invitation to a new level of balance.  I don’t think it has to be that something is wrong as much as that there is a new something right trying to make its way into life.

My meditation connected me with a time when I was completely immobilized with severe back pain. Same thing then, no apparent episode to blame it on, just woke with it!  I remember knowing then that if I was ever to have better use of my body that I wanted to dance.  I needed to dance….not for the sake of my body, but for my overall well-being. Dancing celebrates my body.  It is a moving affirmation of a part of me that for much of society doesn’t fit.


I am a big, curvy girl.  I have been since the third grade.  Something shifted in my existence that year, and I went from a small child to a large child.  I have spent a good portion of my life fighting against the negative spin our society, culture, the media, and even well-meaning loved ones throw out about anyone who doesn’t have the perfect body. Sometimes I am tricked into thinking that only curvy bodies have to contend with this, but I know that there are very few women and even very few men who love their bodies and accept them.  How can that be?

Yesterday my husband made a list of reasons why he thought I should read a book. He said I had a lot in common with the author.  He is so cute. He even made a list.  At the bottom of the list of how I was like her, he wrote that I was an advocate for body acceptance.  I didn’t know he saw me as that.  I am an advocate for many things, but for body acceptance, I think I could up my game.

That is the new balance for me….affirming my body in all its roundness, with all its pudgy places, with its twisted up knee, its little mole on my wrist that grows a single thin hair out of it til it is long enough for me to pluck it away, for the lines that are stretching out along the soft flesh below my eyes, and the small but very present age spots that have found their way to the back of my left hand.

I am celebrating you too.  You, fat…You, thin….You, sagging….You, graying….You, bleeding or not….You, barren or bursting with child….You, tired and goofy or graceful and glowing….You, You, You….in every glory of every realness of You!


Words for 2013


When I have a party, I like to spiffy up the house, bring out a few niceties like super cool, patterned paper napkins or a favorite bottle of vino, light a few candles and make things special. Well, I am excited to have visitors to Creativity Tribe today for Word Hop 2013, hosted by a special group of ladies who took Kelly Rae Roberts‘ Flying Lessons with me in 2011.  I am thrilled to say the Flyers are still a tight group.  I consider them the fairy godmothers of Creativity Tribe.


Word Hop 2013 is all about the word each of us has chosen to guide our year.  It is about setting an intention.  This is one of my very favorite practices of the year. Last year, I chose the word Clarity. Throughout the year, I checked in with the word to see where it would lead me, and by the year’s end, I have to say, I felt like my word carried me through to a much more clear and focused place.

So this year, I am tweaking the game a bit. I am choosing a pair of words.

The first word came to me in early December. I chose the word GIFT….well, actually the words feel like they choose me.  My intention around GIFT is to explore and share my own gifts, redefine the gifts I have to share with the world, help others tap into their gifts, and look for and be grateful for the gifts others and the universe share with me. This word makes me feel super happy!

My second word has been like a persistent little child, jumping up and down begging…pick me too!  Okay, my little darling! I shall choose you…my second word is SENSATIONAL.  I have been playing with this word for several months already, in preparation for a year long blogging series that I hope will inspire paying more attention to the senses as a means of connecting more deeply with life.  I have invited a number of guest bloggers to write about the senses (defining them in a very loose way rather than with the traditional 5 we grew up with).  We will be exploring things like a Sense of Wonder, a Sense of Belonging, a Sense of Humor….you get the picture.


This Sense-ational Life

Get Inspired:  Every Tuesday (starting tomorrow), I am going to post some thoughts about one of the senses.  The post will either be written by me or a guest blogger (maybe you?).  Each post will provide a simple prompt for encouraging you to connect with that specific sense. To get more information about becoming a guest blogger for This Sense-ational Life, email me at

YOUR Sense-ational Life:  Bring something sensational to your life by exploring that week’s sense.  Then become part of the festivities by sharing your thoughts in the comments or by sharing what you discovered on your blog with a story, a doodle, an insight, experience or quote for how that sense works in your life. I will have a space for you to share your link so you can tell us how you see yourself connecting more with life through the senses.

OUR Sense-ational Lives:  Creativity Tribe will bloom this year. I can already feel it happening. One of the ways that will happen is by sharing our lives with one another in meaningful ways. There is magic in that sharing. I would love for you to be part of that connecting by supporting each other as we each craft our own Sense-ational Lives. Drop by and visit those who leave a link during the week. Support their becoming, their growth, their desire to be more present in their lives. Tell them just how SENSE-ational they are….and get ready for them to support you too.

Check out the very first This Sense-ational Life post.

A Sense of Connection


My Wish for You

May 2013 be a blessed year for you. May you know you are loved, find ways to love yourself  and others more deeply.  May you know joy and cultivate kindness towards yourself and others. May you find peace even in….especially in the midst of difficulty.  May you bloom and see the blooming in others.

Please leave a comment letting me know you dropped by. Then head back to Word Hop 2013 for more inspiration!





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