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Life as a Holiday Daymaker

PandoraHeaderLotus.jpgHappy Bah-humbug!

Getting out and about during the holidays can be challenging.  More traffic can mean more stress.  Everyone is trying to get where they are going faster.  Folks have a ton of to-do’s on their mind, and if they are like me, are problem solving how to fit everything into 24 hours.

It doesn’t take a highly sensitive person to feel the pressure or to sense that many people are living just on the edge.

This is especially true for folks in the service industry.  We rely on them to up the supply for our increased demand, but we often forget to up our sharing of gratitude.  Instead, we can pile the pressure on!

The same can be said for our friends, family, co-workers, and for any stranger we meet.  People are stressed!


Life as a Holiday Daymaker

I have set a standard for myself that I want to encourage you to play with.  I am by no means perfect at it, but when I am not leaning in the direction of what I strive for, it is a clue that I need a little self-care….need to slow down…and chill.

A few months ago, I came across a book called Life as a Daymaker by David Wagner.  Wagner encourages us to approach life with the intention of making someone’s day.   He offers examples we can follow and tweak to fit our own lives.

I found myself wanting to be a Daymaker as the holidays approached.  I would come across someone who needed a little yummy energy and found myself wanting to help them by sending out some good vibes.  When I work with kids, I call this good vibe sharing, “energizing a person. ” It is simply connecting with them in a way that makes them feel valued.


Simple Ways to Energize a Person or Situation

  • Offer a smile to someone….long enough for them to feel it.
  • Look someone in the eyes, and let your eyes smile at them.
  • Take a bit of their load.   (Example: While in a drive thru this afternoon, a sign on the window said if the cashier didn’t tell me about a special offer that I could ask for a cookie.  I could already see she had too much on her plate, so when she took my cash card I said, “You don’t need to tell me about the offer.”  I could immediately see some of her burden lifted. That felt better than any cookie could taste!)
  • Touch their arm for a second to connect.  (Touch is SO important, and so many of us don’t get touched enough.  I met a new friend recently who is from another country.  He lives alone, has no local family, and few friends.  I was joking around with him and slapping his arm while we laughed.  I knew it was a risk.  He barely knew me.  I was playing with him like I might my brother.  At the end of the night he walked around the table for a hug.  He hugged my husband too.  We were all blessed!)
  • Put yourself in their shoes and verbally honor the difficulty of their day.
  • Tell them you appreciate them.
  • Do something special for someone.  (Buy someone’s drink anonymously.  This happens all day at the Starbuck’s near my house.  And a few times a week at a restaurant I sometimes go to.  It feels magical!)
  • Give them a call….share a bit of your day….listen to a bit of theirs.
  • Tell someone they have made YOUR day.  (It is quite contagious!)

I would love to hear your Daymaker ideas or experiences.  Has someone made your day or is there someone you are thinking about energizing?  Let us know!



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