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When Saying No is Saying Yes

saying No saying YES

I am back after a two week blog break.  I believe that is the longest bit I have taken from my blog since falling in love with the practice 3 years ago.  Not bad, huh?  My two weeks has been a beautiful balance of rest, relaxation, and re-creation.  I have been dreaming, processing, and stretching my wings.

To be honest, I mixed plenty of work up with my play, but with a job like mine, sometimes it is hard to tell the two apart!

Some Highlights….

I started off by heading to Austin to spend time with dear friends and take the Paint Mojo workshop with Tracy Verdugo (which I will do a post on before too long…including pictures of my painting).

Paint Mojo TracyPaint Mojo with Tracy Verdugo

 From Austin, I headed about an hour South to the Black Rose Ranch, near San Antonio, and stayed with more friends.  Being tucked away out in the country was so restorative.  My bed butted up next to a window that I kept cracked at night, letting in the fresh air and sounds of coyotes circling the house in the early morning hours.

Black Rose HorseTime in the Country

From San Antonio, I headed towards Austin again and stayed in the little town of New Braunfels with my dear friend Jessica of WildWood Naturals.  Jessica and I have been friends for nearly a decade now, and whenever we hold space together (over the phone, the net, or in person) I am somehow reminded of who I am and what makes me tick.  I had a lot to be thankful for on my trip, spent time in nature, spinning my big dreams, and reflecting on my life….but of all those moments, there was an hour or two that she and I spent talking as best friends do that made my whirlwind trip all the richer.



After all that outta town love, I headed home to get ready for another trip.  Every Wednesday I meet with a circle of visionaries who dedicate themselves to two things…the love of meditation AND the love of chocolate (unprocessed ceremonial cacao from Guatemala to be more specific).  This last weekend we met up for an epic meditation session with one of North America’s oldest trees, affectionately known as The Big Tree.  Oh, and was she a beauty.  We sat and spun lovely energy together under the stars in the light of the Moon.

Big Tree 500In Touch with Nature and Self

As I look back over the last two weeks, I wasn’t any LESS busy, but I was busy with things that were very much focused on what I need right now… deep connection with what matters.  Certainly, my blog and this community matter to me, but I am hoping to balance more time in real life with less time on-line and that will mean saying NO to things I have sometimes gotten lost in…you know, social media energy sucks, surfing for things that don’t matter, falling down the rabbit hole.

Sometimes saying NO to all that means saying YES to what matters.  What do you want to say YES to in your life?  Don’t just let that question float by.  Sit with it today.  Journal about it.  Talk to your friends, loved ones, or a stranger about it.  Saying YES to your life is how you create it.   That is the ultimate in self-care.  That is what Creativity Tribe is all about! 

Glad to be home….Glad to connect with YOU!

Rachel Payne life creativity coach

Today! Being Interviewed for Become Soulfully Connected Telesummit

bsct main header

If you haven’t gotten signed up for Become Soulfully Connected Telesummit, it isn’t too late.  But I would love for you to hop over today so you are guaranteed to catch my interview about staying connected to your creative spirit.  I am so delighted to be part of this gathering of women who are sharing what helps them connect with a more beautiful, powerful, soulful self and are encouraging you to do the same.

BSCT Play Blog Banner

As part of the telesummit you will have free access to interview for 48 hours and be able to upgrade so you don’t miss any of the sharing.  One thing I love is that so many of the speakers (including myself) have put together special gifts for participants and the upgrade is super affordable.  We wanted to make sure you got what you needed.

September in Review

Well, I have to say, this September has been a rollercoaster.  Extreme highs and challenging quick turns in my journey.  This is the month I shared with everyone that I have uterine cancer (which is very treatable so don’t get too worried).  As an update to that, I am feeling pretty good physically and very strong emotionally. That post got more views than any post I have ever written….and so many lovely comments.  I am still flying with all the well wishing.  Fly Low ct

September was also the one year anniversary of Creativity Tribe’s website and marked my 500th blog post in three years.  Wowzers!  I hosted a giveaway and am excited to announce that the giveaway winners picked by random are Kelly Aubert, Ursula, and Jordan.  They each will receive a little work of art done on paper sent to me by my artist friend Deborah Weber, inspired by a giveaway that I won from Tracy Verdugo….and a copy of an art zine created by my hubby.

October Preview

October is proving to be beautifully busy when I take a peek at my schedule.  It happens to be one of my favorite months of the year so I pack lots of love into it!

One of the big deals this October is that I will be taking part in Blogtoberfest 2013.  That means a post a day every day.  Now, I am not crazy, I will be practicing lots of self-care at the same time so expect that some of those posts will be simple…but inspiring.

The end of October has a big treat for me as well.  I am headed to Austin for Paint Mojo with Tracy Verdugo.  I am pretty much in love with her painting process.  I went last year when she was in Texas and when the chance came for me to do a bit of a reunion, I jumped at it.  Tracy is a lovely woman.  I am delighted that I will get two days of hanging out with her and some paints.

paint mojo 120

Now head on over to the Telesummit and look for that special gift from me.  You will find it next to me on the speaker page.  I had a delightful time weaving it together for you!

Rachel Payne life creativity coach

500th Post Giveaway: WHAT?!


I love milestones, and today is a big one….my 500th post.  I started blogging just over 3 years ago (with  my original blog Art of Collecting Yourself).   It has been my number one passion ever since.  I love it because it blends everything that jazzes me into one big ball of creativity…writing, mixed media art, photography, videos, sharing my life, and connecting with awesome people.


I am especially excited about this milestone because it happens on the heels of another…the one year anniversary of Creativity Tribe.  This sanctuary for the creative spirit has such a big heart for all the creatives that find their way here that I want to celebrate these dual milestones by sharing my own creativity with you.  That’s right!  Giveaway!!!!

I love collaboration and that is what this giveaway is going to be all about.  I am paying forward two acts of kindness that were shared  with me.


A Little Background on the Giveaway

First- This last March, my sweet friend Tracy Verdugo hosted a giveaway on her blog in which she painted three little note cards that was given to her by an online friend.  It was her way of passing on some of the sweetness that came into her life.  So I am going to do three little works in that same spirit.

Tracy Ellie

Here’s Tracy’s little ellie.  Plus an extra sumpin’ sumpin’!

Tracy Earth Mother

Second- I am taking my little notes cards from the amazing collection of ephemera that was shared with me by Chicago based artist Deborah Weber.  A few years ago, Deborah asked if I might like to be the new caretaker of some of the art supplies she was letting go of.  Not long after I said yes, she shipped 75 pounds of art supplies.  It was a feast for my eyes, hands, and soul!  When I won Tracy’s giveaway (which came with a promise to keep the good mojo going) I knew right away Deborah’s lovely offerings would serve as the base.

  Check out Big Bertha Revealed (the big box of supplies!)

Third (a little bonus)-  Additionally, I will be giving away three zines created by my artist husband, Eric Payne.  I know there is a trend to name newsletters a zine, but originally a zine was a booklet created by an individual or small group that often features art and/or writings.  Eric has a growing collection of zines he had created.  This one is my favorite.  I had to beg these hot copies from him because they are in such demand.  He designed them about a year ago, asking friends and fans what theme they would like the zine focus on.  Atlantis was the consensus.  The winners who receive my Pass Along Art Notes will also get a copy of Atlantis.

Atlantis by Eric Payne

Atlantis by Eric Payne


Would you like to receive one of my little Pass Along Art Notes (I can’t wait to dig in and create them for you!) and a copy of Atlantis?

Leave a comment below that includes your name, email, and some way you have or will pass a little kindness along this month.

The Giveaway closes at the end of September.  I’ll choose the three winners from a random number generator and contact each via email (so don’t forget that) and hook them up with these giveaway goodies.

Butterfly joy 550

Creativity yours,

Rachel Payne Life Coach

rachel payne coach

Click the box above for your free discovery session.

My Art was Destroyed

Have you ever done mixed media art?  It is my new passion, partly for the product it creates, but mostly for the process.  I love it because it mirrors life itself.  It is messy, textural, organic, and holds the potential for beauty to come out of destruction.

I have been working on a painting the last several days….and nights.  It has been in my mind for a month.   I am creating it for an art show.

The Details

Is 2012 the End of Times? Doomsday? Armageddon? Well, if this is indeed “The End” my friend, K Space Contemporary has a “Final Countdown” for you! “The Apocalypse Show” is a huge group exhibition of artists from all across Texas and features their unique takes on the end of the world scenario. It’s also K Space’s 5th Anniversary this year so please come down, experience a fantastic show and help us party like it’s “1999″! If this is “The End of the World As We Know It”, you won’t want to miss possibly the last show ever!!! It’s going nuclear!

The Process

 I am taking the painting through some of the painting layers that I learned at Tracy Verdugo’s Paint Mojo Texas Retreat.  The process is complicated, and honestly, I am sure I have forgotten a few steps.  But I am pleased with the parts I have remembered.  I don’t want to make Tracy’s art. Instead, I want to explore my own themes, calling on some of what I learned from her.

One of the consistent themes in her process is to let the painting have its own life so that we never know when we will lose some little or big part of it that we have been in love with since it made its way onto the canvas.  That is the push and pull of the process for me.  I hate it because I sometimes am directed (by the process) to completely destroy parts of the image that I am totally digging.  But the part I LOVE about the process is that I only destroy out of a sense of trust in the process itself.


And that, my friends, is what I cherish about life…about being a Creative.  That is at the heart of the work I am doing as a Life Coach.  Trusting that something beautiful can grow out of chaos, pain, destruction, and difficulty. 


So, enough talk about the painting. Let’s see the progression.


Art Every Day Month is a movement, inspiring artist around the blogosphere! Head over and see what they are up to today!  Then, consider joining us.  It is a small act that makes a big different.  Creativity…….. engage!

The Creative Cycle

The last month has been RICH with creative experience.

First an art retreat.

Paint Mojo Texas with Tracy Verdugo

Then, I jumped into Art Every Day Month and began pumping out art for myself, my friends, and two art shows

that I finished this weekend.

At the end of this creative streak…I remembered the wisdom my friend Gail shared with me about the creative process.  I want to share that nugget with YOU.

This process can be an essential element to safe-guarding your creative momentum. It can be scary to take a break because we think it means we might turn the creativity OFF.  But my experience is that it conditions us for more creativity.

For me, I was able to jump back in with a new energy and a new enthusiasm for my work.

This new piece (still in process) is being created for a show coming up in a few weeks.

Here’s what it is about:  Is 2012 the End of Times? Doomsday? Armageddon? Well, if this is indeed “The End” my friend, K Space Contemporary has a “Final Countdown” for you! “The Apocalypse Show” is a huge group exhibition of artists from all across Texas and features their unique takes on the end of the world scenario. It’s also K Space’s 5th Anniversary this year so please come down, experience a fantastic show and help us party like it’s “1999”! If this is “The End of the World As We Know It”, you won’t want to miss possibly the last show ever!!! It’s going nuclear!

I started the new piece today, using the techniques I learned in Paint Mojo but using death, chaos, destruction, renewal, and resilience as the focus for my work.

The Beginning of the Process


Art Every Day Month is a movement, inspiring artist around the blogosphere! Head over and see what they are up to today!  Then, consider joining us.  It is a small act that makes a big different.  Creativity…….. engage!

Pinning Life Down

I am back from the Paint Mojo Texas Retreat with Tracy Verdugo.  I have so much to process.  I love learning and love it even more if I can stretch what a teacher offers enough to bring it over into my own life so that it takes on a new energy.  That is what is going on with me for now.  The process is rather contemplative. I feel like several themes in my life are being touched by the art retreat.   And I want to share some of that with you soon.


In the meantime, life keeps moving. As a blogger, I have enjoyed having things to talk about that relate to my art and my life. My head wants to explore issues with you that my heart feels are important, but sometimes things like holidays get in the way.  How could I let Halloween pass us by without visiting about it?  It is my fave-o-fave time of year!  I can’t!

So this is a Pinning Life Down post. Ding! I pin down a bit about the retreat. Ding! Pin down a bit about Halloween. Ding! Pin down a few other thoughts that are floating past me as life spins on.

Ding! Halloween. I am having a party tonight with family and a few friends.  The theme is a Witches’ Ball.  My roommate and I are hostessing it, both dressed as witches, of course.  Our invite warns that anyone not sufficiently dressed in costume will be turned into a toad.  Honestly, I hope I get to toss a few frogs into the lily pond in the back yard!

Okay, so this isn’t really MY lily pond. I took this at one of the ponds on The Lotus Ranch where the retreat was located.  What a sweet place to sit and wind down.  I know I will be visiting it during creative visualizations and meditation for years to come.  I made a video at this pond for you that I will be sharing later in the week. Ding! Retreat pinned down a bit.

Some of you may recall that in August, I offered my first e-course, Touch the Moon. I can’t believe it, but the course is coming to a close in the next couple of days. It has been such a great journey.  We did a number of art-ivities together, shared our moon stories with each other, made new friends, and learned about how to bring the Moon’s Wisdom into our own lives.  I have learned so much just guiding the class.  I will be offering the class again in the New Year. So if you didn’t get a chance to take it, no worries. Ding! Touch the Moon pinned down.

The Full Moon at The Lotus Ranch

As I wrap up Touch the Moon, I am looking forward to the next phase of growth for Creativity Tribe, offering Life Coaching.  This is really what I have move towards for my entire adult life.  I took a few different routes to find my way to this spot, but the training I am doing now with Brandi Graves of You Grow, Girl is what has me glowing.  Certainly, the other paths (earning my masters in counseling and working for two years as a counselor in a domestic violence shelter, teaching art and drama for 20 years, and building a business as a massage therapist) will all lend themselves to the work I do with others, but going to coach school seems to help frame it all up in a way that make sense.  I am eager to finish so that I can jump in and start doing what I love, helping others help themselves make their dreams come true!  Ding! Life Coaching pinned down.

That is kind of how life is….hard to pin down. It keeps growing and evolving….changing.  I often forget that, but when I can remember, I am better off for it.

Now your turn….What do you have to pin down today?  What is happening in your life that is so exciting you just want to share it with someone?  What do you WANT to be exciting?  What is going on in your creative life?  Some shift?  Some bit of movement calling to you?  What bit of fun are you conjuring up for Halloween?  Help build this tribe by letting us know.  We want to support you…and who knows maybe someone needs to hear what YOU have to say today.  I am listening for your Ding!

Textures {Long Way Home Series}


I am on the road this weekend, tackling three bucket list items.  First, attend an art retreat.  Second….visit the Texas Hill Country.  Three….study with an artist that inspires me.  In this case, Australian artist Tracy Verdugo.  I promise to tell you all about it!

To celebrate this adventure of my gypsy spirit, I have a few pictures for the Long Way Home Series with a focus on textures. I picked texture because Tracy’s art reminds me of the textures I imagine our spirits or souls to have.  Fun, huh?

The brick walkway along the water’s edge near the bay a mile from my home has begun to decay from exposure to the elements.  To my eyes it creates an elegant abstract.

The surface of my studio table is covered with a plain brown paper. Over time, color builds up to create a visual texture that encourages my mind to make images out of them. Often the doodles take on inspirational messages which invite me into a better way of thinking or acting. They encourage me to grow, and in this case, to have faith.

Even light can create texture where we might think there is none. This bridge which has been fitted with lights that put on nightly shows has become a beacon.  It leads me home after a long travel.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend. Tell me, what is something that is on YOUR bucket list?

Big Dreams in Action Challenge

I am headed out on an adventure today.  I made a video to tell you all about it, and by the end, I turned my excitement about my big dreams around and set out a challenge for YOU.  What action will you take towards making your dreams come true this week?  Use the comments below to claim what you will do, then head back here and let us know how you did. Let’s start supporting one another as we put our Big Dreams in Action!


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