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Giving Heart

Yesterday I wrote about this yearning I had to give more mindfully this year and to give in new ways.  Then, I turned around and found a beautiful affirmation of giving reflected to me by a dear friend.  I feel extremely blessed to have a very special circle of women who have been by my side as we have together discovered the exquisite nature of being a woman.  Milena Worsham of Running Buffulo Journeys is one of those special ladies.

Our circle began forming about ten or so years ago.  We were all coming into our thirties or would be before long and were on fire with a desire to build a unique community. More than anything, I think we wanted a place in our small-ish South Texas town where we could practice being the grand creatures we were destined to become.  We each found our way to a center on the edge of downtown and one by one opened shops that circled around a courtyard.  Milena  had The Lotus Cup.  Irene Jaan who shares as the  had a shop called Yin Yang Fandango that specialized in amazing clothes, jewelry, and musical instruments with a world vibe.  Jessica of WildWood Naturals and I shared a groovy movement studio called Creative Spirit Studio that was connected to my massage business.  Together, along with the amazing community of people we served, we found our footing as women.

Sometimes, though,  finding your footing only comes from falling on your ass.  (Sorry for the crassness, but it is true.)  From that vantage point you get a real feel for what you want in life.  I think in one way or another, we all ended up on the floor.  I know I certainly did.  But the beautiful part to this story was that none of us stayed down.  One thing about practicing living as a grand creature is you learn to be resilient.  One by one, we reinvented ourselves.  But we have never let go of those bonds and have never stopped reflecting to one another the dynamic essence we saw in one another.

That circle of women and the group of Creatives who arrived to help usher in a celebration of creativity and expressiveness were the ones who set the foundation of The Creativity Tribe for me.  In my mind, they are the elders of this tribe.  They are out in the world doing amazing things, all of them creative and filled with loving intent.  I am so proud to be OF them.  The work I do here is about holding a space for others to discover their own seeds of possibility, to step into their big, wild dreams and live from authenticity.  Today’s gift from Milena was a very sweet message to her circle on Facebook of the work she saw me doing.  It was a gift.

Who in your life is living from a place of possibility, authenticity, wildness, or resilience?  Let them know in some small, quiet act.  Let’s start giving/gifting to one another and start looking for the places where our gifting comes back to bless us.  And if you would,  drop a note here to the Creativity Tribe about how this project touches your life.


I have been in my studio smock all day, hands drenched in paint, music blaring…getting ready for Feather’s Beauty Lounge’s Trunk Show and the South Side Farmer’s Market Arts and Craft Show.  Having a blast!

Art Every Day Month is a movement, inspiring artist around the blogosphere!  Head over and see what they are up to today!  Then, consider joining us.  It is a small act that makes a big different.  Creativity…….. engage!


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