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Creating Sisterhood

I didn’t grow up with a sister, but I always wanted one.  I remember meeting girls and then women and asking myself what it might be like to have them as a sister.  Over time, some friendships grew strong and felt so vital that I would think, “This is it. This is that sister thing.”

Occasionally, I would find an organized group of women, an organic circle, or a small bunch of friends who might transcend the norm for closeness, support, and encouragement. I revel in those times. There is something about cultivating close relationships with women that sends me flying.

That is what got me so excited about joining ONE K in 1 Day with Startup Training School. I had visited with web designers for about a year, promising my dedicated blog readers a website where we could stretch our legs out a grow a little. First I promised it would come before Christmas, then just after the first of the year, Summer (definitely Summer)….I was exhausted by my own promises.

One of my best friends and I sometimes go months without talking. She called one day and we did a quick catch up that included me talking about the frustration I felt about not having a site up. That’s when she told me about the event. The goal was 1000 women publishing their own websites all on one day. I couldn’t help get excited about it.

You see I have had this stereotype knotted up in my head that the Internet was something that men, especially young men, had more knowledge about than women. It fell in the same group as electronics and science, when in actuality, studies are starting to show that women are leading usage in many tech categories. So having that many women flooding the net at one time felt like a force, like a wave of creativity coming down the pike. So I jumped on.

I loved the energy of creating with all these women. I loved watching them struggle and move through to success. And I loved that feeling of sisterhood that came out of it. This is perhaps the most global feeling of sisterhood I have ever experienced.  I am so truly proud of us.

If you would like more of the story, head over to Startup Training School and let our fearless leader Lea Woodward fill you in on the stats and give you a peek into some of the experiences that the ladies had.

AND……oooo, this one I am excited about…..if you get a chance, hop on over to the Wall of Websites featuring our web-designing sisterhood…..including a fabulous pic of the Creativity Tribe homepage!

Where do you create sisterhood?  What makes a regular friendship different from one that you consider a sister-ship?  Let us know in the comments.

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