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Pinning Life Down

I am back from the Paint Mojo Texas Retreat with Tracy Verdugo.  I have so much to process.  I love learning and love it even more if I can stretch what a teacher offers enough to bring it over into my own life so that it takes on a new energy.  That is what is going on with me for now.  The process is rather contemplative. I feel like several themes in my life are being touched by the art retreat.   And I want to share some of that with you soon.


In the meantime, life keeps moving. As a blogger, I have enjoyed having things to talk about that relate to my art and my life. My head wants to explore issues with you that my heart feels are important, but sometimes things like holidays get in the way.  How could I let Halloween pass us by without visiting about it?  It is my fave-o-fave time of year!  I can’t!

So this is a Pinning Life Down post. Ding! I pin down a bit about the retreat. Ding! Pin down a bit about Halloween. Ding! Pin down a few other thoughts that are floating past me as life spins on.

Ding! Halloween. I am having a party tonight with family and a few friends.  The theme is a Witches’ Ball.  My roommate and I are hostessing it, both dressed as witches, of course.  Our invite warns that anyone not sufficiently dressed in costume will be turned into a toad.  Honestly, I hope I get to toss a few frogs into the lily pond in the back yard!

Okay, so this isn’t really MY lily pond. I took this at one of the ponds on The Lotus Ranch where the retreat was located.  What a sweet place to sit and wind down.  I know I will be visiting it during creative visualizations and meditation for years to come.  I made a video at this pond for you that I will be sharing later in the week. Ding! Retreat pinned down a bit.

Some of you may recall that in August, I offered my first e-course, Touch the Moon. I can’t believe it, but the course is coming to a close in the next couple of days. It has been such a great journey.  We did a number of art-ivities together, shared our moon stories with each other, made new friends, and learned about how to bring the Moon’s Wisdom into our own lives.  I have learned so much just guiding the class.  I will be offering the class again in the New Year. So if you didn’t get a chance to take it, no worries. Ding! Touch the Moon pinned down.

The Full Moon at The Lotus Ranch

As I wrap up Touch the Moon, I am looking forward to the next phase of growth for Creativity Tribe, offering Life Coaching.  This is really what I have move towards for my entire adult life.  I took a few different routes to find my way to this spot, but the training I am doing now with Brandi Graves of You Grow, Girl is what has me glowing.  Certainly, the other paths (earning my masters in counseling and working for two years as a counselor in a domestic violence shelter, teaching art and drama for 20 years, and building a business as a massage therapist) will all lend themselves to the work I do with others, but going to coach school seems to help frame it all up in a way that make sense.  I am eager to finish so that I can jump in and start doing what I love, helping others help themselves make their dreams come true!  Ding! Life Coaching pinned down.

That is kind of how life is….hard to pin down. It keeps growing and evolving….changing.  I often forget that, but when I can remember, I am better off for it.

Now your turn….What do you have to pin down today?  What is happening in your life that is so exciting you just want to share it with someone?  What do you WANT to be exciting?  What is going on in your creative life?  Some shift?  Some bit of movement calling to you?  What bit of fun are you conjuring up for Halloween?  Help build this tribe by letting us know.  We want to support you…and who knows maybe someone needs to hear what YOU have to say today.  I am listening for your Ding!

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