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This Sense-sational Life is a blogging series that explores the senses as a way of cultivating a more mindful, connected life.  This week’s post features guest blogger SuziCate, otherwise known as the Water Witch’s Daughter. She encourages us to consider the Sense of Self. 


Sense of Self

I consider myself a creative gypsy. I have drifted my way through writing, beading, quilting, collage, photography, crochet, felting, painting, and embroidery. My soul communicates through my art, and my art nourishes my soul. While I have wandered I never settled into a single form. It took years for me to realize what I lacked was a sense of self.

Finding my sense of self came down to knowing myself on an intimate level. I had to let go of my fears. I had to stifle the voices that said I was too sensitive and needed to control my emotions. I had to allow myself to feel without limitations. All the while I kept roaming. Then I stumbled upon art quilting. This allowed me to incorporate all these arts and develop my own style. After all, I am a storyteller at heart, why not visually through fiber?

campground quilt web

Nature inspires me, and hiking defines my sense of self. I feel freedom among the elements. The mountains and sea speak riddles and draw me into their mysteries. The taste of salt air and wild berries intoxicate me.  I bend and soar with the wind as it whistles through the tall pines. The river sings the stresses of my life away, and I settle into my bones. Pungent aromas of cedar and bayberry transport me to other worlds. The tones and expanse of earth and sky blend until I don’t know where one begins and the other ends. My heart holds this secret, a truth hidden in time.

When I’m not throwing my restless energy into creative outlets or able to answer the call to climb mountains or swim the sea, how do I nourish my sense of self? I allow myself to own my feelings.  I light candles. I listen to music. I practice mindfulness. I notice the beauty of life’s simple pleasures. Being grateful open my heart.

I pamper myself. Essential oils offer me a fresh system of self-care. I reap the benefits of detoxing baths and massages. I scent my living space with sandalwood; the oil I feel empowers and completes my sense of self. Sandalwood soothes the soul of the wounded child I sometimes am and transforms me into the sensual woman who’s strong enough to own her emotions. These spiritual experiences ground me to the earth and connect me to the heavens.

These days I take time to care for my creative soul.  I no longer hush her but welcome her voice. When I nurture my sense of self my soul comes out to play…and everybody loves a play date!



SuziCate is a weaver of words, a spinner of tales, and a dabbler of art. She spends her free time hiking and canoeing, simply enjoying the gifts of nature. She enjoys researching genealogy, especially family lore. She has published short stories, memoirs, and poetry. She is currently working on a novel and can be found at or


Where do SuziCate’s thoughts take you? How do they inspire or guide you to experience life through the senses? Do you have ways you connect with your Sense of Self?  The Creativity Tribe wants to know. Drop a line in the comments or write a blog post in response and share the link.

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I am Rachél Payne, the quirky, dedicated heart behind Creativity Tribe. I am an artist, writer, and creative life advocate.


  • suzicate

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to post on Creativity Tribe…after all you and this tribe have called me back to creative living. Again, I thank you!

  • Lisa

    Suzicate’s post has reminded me how important it is to trust the sense of self, the deep knowledge within each one of us that guides us toward creating things that others may not fully understand but are true to who we are. That’s important. Thank you for that.

    • suzicate

      “the deep knowledge within each one of us that guides us toward creating things that others may not fully understand but are true to who we are.” – that’s exactly what I was trying to convey!

  • Debbie

    Lovely, as usual, Suzi! I can so identify, as I, too, have felt a need all my life to create. My outlets have ranged from writing and music to beading and needlecraft. I’ve heard it said that we need more than just money to live — we need “hyacinths for the soul,” too, don’t you agree?

  • Ron

    What a GREAT post, Suzi!

    “Finding my sense of self came down to knowing myself on an intimate level.”

    And I think that’s the key. Knowing and embracing ourselves on an intimate level = our sense of self.

    “Essential oils offer me a fresh system of self-care.”

    I agree. I am never without my essential oils because they contain nature’s ‘life force’ which can have a very profound effect on me.

    And also, like you, spending time within nature (in a park) inspires my sense of self as well.

    Beautiful quilt, my friend!


    • suzicate

      I went on a weekend trip recently and forgot to pack my oils…I was lost; that is until I went into the woods along the creek for a walk!

  • Sandra Bell Kirchman

    Wonderful post, Suzi. It gives more form to my own search for self. I am finding out more about me and how I operate, things I didn’t know about myself, both good and not-so-good.

    Your new, published book, STEPPING INTO THE WILDERNESS, helps one give creative expression from the heart. You forgot to mention that 🙂

    I’m glad to visit this site; it’s very colorful and looks like fun. I’ll have to explore a little.

    • suzicate

      It’s all in understanding the shadows that we appreciate the good stuff.
      Yes, my book does explore sense of self in depth. Thank you for thinking of that!
      Keep exploring, Sandra. I think you’ll like Creativity Tribe.

  • Lisa

    Creative Gypsy…I love that description! And it’s always a good idea not to hush the Muse. She much more cooperative when we let her play in our mind! Very nice self reflection.

  • Crowing Crone Joss

    Coming home to our own self. You write about that so beautifully and intimately here. We each have so much creativity within us and it often is left locked inside until that knowing. Namaste

  • Rachél

    SuziCate, thanks so much again for sharing your SELF with us. Your personal tribe is so loving. I am grateful to have hosted them here along with your post. <3 Rachél

  • Sandra Bell Kirchman

    I just wanted to put my pic up here with all the blogging celebrities 🙂 I used my other email addy and it came up with an old pic. This is me (and my assistant) 😛