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Tweaking the Tribe: Finding Kindred Spirits


Nine months ago, I took the leap from my WordPress blog to an independent, stand-on-my-own website that I built from scratch without much know-how.   When I first published it, I could clearly see some of the places I wanted to take the website and my business but some of the process and destination were hidden from my view.  The more comfortable I get here, the more it feels like home.  Like a fabulous fixer-upper, there is always something to work on, something to tweak, and some addition that would make it just right!

The Creativity Tribe concept comes from a deep desire to help others get in touch with their instinctual spirit of creativity. I believe that creativity is powerful, healing, and can make our lives rich and meaningful.  Creativity is something that can help us connect to the most authentic places in ourselves while providing the opportunity for us to cultivate support and encouragement in the relationships around us.

Just think about it…. when you see a child expressing themselves through the creative arts…. dance, song, doodling, or make believe…. they are bring out something pure in themselves.  They honor you with their expression.  They invite you into a sacred space.  This is the same invitation I make to you.  Come play with me.  Come into a sanctuary for your creative spirit where others are gathering to share the small ways they are making big strides in life. 

Our New (FREE) Community

I have created a community on Facebook that I have been keeping a big secret, waiting for just the right time to share it with you.  It is my surprise gift to you….gift being my word for the year!  It has a spattering of creative spirits who regularly invest in that part of themselves that brings forth ideas and inklings.  It also holds a space for individuals who wish to bring more creativity into their lives or to live life in a creative way.

I call them the Creativity Tribe.  To qualify to join you need only have a desire to connect with your own creative spirit and be willing to support the kindred spirits who find themselves answering that same call for themselves.  Follow the link below and ask to join the group. Please note respectfully that I will not be accepting personal friendship requests as I am practicing setting boundaries between my personal and professional accounts.  I hope you understand.  That said, I hope you will consider joining the Creativity Tribe Facebook Group and that you find it inspiring!

CT FB Group

Claiming Your Place and Sharing Your Site

For more ways to connect with Creativity Tribe, proudly share the Creativity Tribe badge on your blog with a link back to this website and feel free to leave your creativity-based site on the Faces of Creativity Tribe page.  This helps build community, lets your visitors know you invest in your creativity and support the creative endeavors of others.

I am teaching for Angels In My Studio 2013

Are you curious about the upcoming Angel In My Studio 2013 e-course that I will be teaching in?  Hop over and check out the goodies or click on the AIMS2013 page on this site to watch the video I made sharing about the ANGEL in my studio!

aims page button

Click image above to visit AIMS site.


Click image above to find my page with the video.


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I am Rachél Payne, the quirky, dedicated heart behind Creativity Tribe. I am an artist, writer, and creative life advocate.

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  • rosemary

    Just absolutely love your header… words, art and the warmth it exudes!!! badge has been placed on my More about Rachel & creativity tribe page on my blog – Smiles and lots of love.