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    21 Days of Self-Care: Re-Treat Yourself Well

    21 Days to Re-Treat Yourself Well (This event is closed.) The need for self-care seems to hit when it is most inconvenient. Life gets busy.  Life piles it on.  Someone you care about needs a little extra care….or a lot.  And you are lift wondering how in the world to make it all work without dipping into reserves that already feel shallow. Several years ago at the height of “going places” in my career as a helping professional, I got a hard taste of burn-out. Finding my way back to center meant balancing my busy schedule of pursuing my dreams while also committing to a consistent practice of meaningful self-care.…

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    Creativity Tribe is celebrating YOU!

    About two weeks ago, I had an epiphany…a HUGE AH-HA!  And my epiphany spurred my dear friend Jessica of Hearth Roots to have a ricochet epiphany! We both had strong callings to explore a spirit of giving in our lives.  We have been visiting with each other about the effects of exploring giving and that has brought new layers of excitement to our new practices. I have decided to explore what GIFT means to me this year.  It will be my One Little Word for 2013.  But I didn’t want to wait til the new year to practice giving in big ways.  So, I am going to get my gift…

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    Stress Less Holiday E-Course

    For years, I have been hosting pre-holiday parties. We gather together to support one another’s vision of what the upcoming season will look like…. ….how we can move past the chaos of the holidays and into a place of personal peace. We help each other create more beautiful, more meaningful, less hectic holidays. This is my invitation to you to choose a more relaxing holiday.  Join me and the gathering of Creatives as we create PEACE in our corner of the world during the StressLess Holiday E-Course. You might be thinking, “I can’t add MORE to my holiday list of To Do’s.”  Imagine though how starting the holiday season with…