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    The Mystery and Making of Luck

    I have always been fascinated by the mystery and making of luck.  Friday the 13th is the perfect day for snubbing misfortune and spinning favor! That interest in the mystery and making of luck comes from the same place in me that wants to dress up as a Gypsy, Witch, or Faerie every year at Halloween…..from my playful, creative spirit.  It’s the same part that struggled with letting go of dress-up and make-believe so much that I pursued theatre all the way through college.  (Now I have a lifetime pass to live the play!) (Grab your own Master of Play certificate at the bottom of the page, along with a coordinating journaling prompt.)…

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    Essential Oils Holiday Pop-Up Shop

     Creativity Tribe’s Essential Oils Holiday Pop-Up Shop What is a Pop-Up Shop?  A Pop-Up Shop is short-lived retail opportunity. It is a kind of event that can’t be fully duplicated, which makes participating extra fun! What makes Creativity Tribe’s Pop-Up Shop Special? Learn about the benefits and uses of essential oils. Discover limited offers on quality essential oil. Qualify for giveaways. Get ahead of holiday shopping. Shop without leaving home! How do you get in? Follow this link: Pop-Up Shop You will be approved when the shop opens on November 5th.   Make this the year you get ahead of the game. Join me in Creativity Tribe’s Essential Oils Holiday Pop-Up…

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    When Saying No is Saying Yes

    I am back after a two week blog break.  I believe that is the longest bit I have taken from my blog since falling in love with the practice 3 years ago.  Not bad, huh?  My two weeks has been a beautiful balance of rest, relaxation, and re-creation.  I have been dreaming, processing, and stretching my wings. To be honest, I mixed plenty of work up with my play, but with a job like mine, sometimes it is hard to tell the two apart! Some Highlights…. I started off by heading to Austin to spend time with dear friends and take the Paint Mojo workshop with Tracy Verdugo (which I…

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    When Life Gets BuZZy, Make Honey

    Life has recently gotten super busy.  Some of the busy-ness comes from bee-ing ready for more in my life.  More ease.  I feel as if a screen with a pattern on it came down in front of me and is insisting that I fit my life into its shape in order for me to go in the direction I wish.  I could stay where I am or go some other way, but if I want what I want, I must shift into this new way. So the new way means being better at some of the things I struggle most with.  Left brained kinda stuff.  You know, task oriented activities,…

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    Body Wisdom Art Cards

    I am excited about all the potential October is bringing.  I have put together a loose schedule of subjects I want to explore that I think will give us some opportunity to visit some of my favorite ways to insure life is meaningful with just a touch of magic.  Here is my Blogtoberfest plan…. keep in mind I will have a few surprises blended in to keep it FRESH! Don’t forget to visit Blogtoberfest 2013‘s page! Tuesdays…. This SENSE-sational Life:  Using the senses to cultivate a sensation life Wednesdays… Body Wisdom Wednesday: An intuitive, creative check in with the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies Thursdays… Surprise Gift from the Universe: Cultivating a mindset…