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    Blogging at the Speed of Life

    Sitting in front of the computer, I don’t know where to start.  Blogging has been the most dedicated practice I have ever had in my life and the last 6 months Life pushed me off my game so I could pay attention to it.  This Summer I got sick and discovered I had uterine cancer.  It took awhile for me to get the surgery that was recommended.  But Life has its way of moving you into what is important. Its trick:  The more I needed to slow down, the less my computer worked.  I was pulled far from my blogging life. Surgery behind me now….Today I woke up at 4:40…

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    Increase Your Level of Bliss

    I just love it when the Universe whispers messages to me over and over again.  Recently the message has been, “Up your tolerance for bliss.”  It is a backwards way to think, really.  Bliss isn’t something you imagine should need tolerating.  But the truth is, it can be an intense ride. This messages was first something I felt.  About a year ago I had a couple of back to back months when I experienced extreme levels of happiness, felt like I was in my zone, and detected intense waves of ecstasy coursing through my veins.  I was hitting the mark on so many of my dreams and life was just…

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    Indulging ME

    Just over a year ago when I embarked on the journey of working for myself, I placed one thing at the top of my list of values….self-care.  I wanted my serious business woman self to honor the hard, working dedicated but oh-so-human self.  In the beginning, I worked that into my day like a teenager with a new driver’s license.  I took my time getting up in the morning, lit candles as I was blogging, burned incense while painting, napped if I felt like it, created one-person retreats…..I lived up the self-care. Then I got all filled up, and I began to push myself.  The drive to reach for my…

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    Self-Care for Survival

    Because awful things happen and we often struggle with how to make sense of them…. Because there is no making sense of the senseless…. Because our hearts are designed to feel…. And our society often tells us not to….. Or fails to teach us how to care for the heart that cares…. Because I care that YOU care and want you to feel the same comfort you wish for others….   For all those affected by the tragedy at Newtown or by any tragedy….. peace.

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