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Seeking Sanctuary {Building a Self-Love Altar}

Seeking Sanctuary

Seeking Sanctuary in the Self 

Seeking Sanctuary in the Self is a deepening of a practice I have been cultivating for years.  It is about falling deeply in love with who I am and trusting in myself.  Right now it is an organic process that pulls in art, meditation, intuitively working with my essential oils and crafting my relationships with other so that they honor what is important to me.  Selfish?  No, I feel like that is something due each of us.  Including those I am in relationship with.

This month I will be sharing some inkling from my Seeking Sanctuary practice.  I thought Sunday would be a good day to offer it up.

Join Me in Seeking Sanctuary

One of my favorite ways to focus my thoughts is to create a space in an area of my home.  I think of that area as an altar.  I approach the idea of an altar in the same way I would a painting or drawing….as a creative project… like an installation.   I cleanse the space with essential oils.  For example, I like to make a spritzer bottle my favorite lavender and peppermint in a bit of water to spray in the space.  Then I gather a few items that symbolize what I want to invite into my life or a that hold a quality that I wish to cultivate.

Water Angel PS2

I often include something that I can do.  Light a candle, say a prayer, apply an oil that I associate with self-love, draw a card from a deck, meditate, read or add to a journal that highlights my journey.  An interactive altar makes it feel like you are in relationship with that theme you are exploring.

Other objects might include, a stone that symbolized what you are working on, a figuring, or picture, poem or saying, a candle in a color that makes sense for the intention or that just intuitively feels right, a vision board or art card.

I mindfully place the objects in a little nook or cranny.  A table top or shelf work well too.  I intuitively let the space evolve until they create an arrangement that is please.  That then becomes a focus for mediation or can be a part of my daily routine.

Tea Altar

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